3-day international hackathon kicks off in Kabul

international hackathon kicks off in Kabul 2019

A three-day technology exhibition featuring 60 Afghan and Iranian companies kicked off in Kabul on Tuesday to attract investments and make aware the youths about new developments in the technology sector.

The hackathon is venture of the ministries of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MCIT), Industry and Commerce, the Expo Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, International Chamber of Commerce, Iranian Ministry of Technology and a number of domestic companies in cooperation with Siam Business Development Center (SBDC) in Kabul Continental Hotel today.

Spozhmai Seyam, head of SBDC, said that 30 Afghan and 30 Iranian companies were participating in the event.

She said information technology and telecommunications, banks, insurance, universities, cyber security, electronics, software, online shops, chambers of commerce and industry, website designing, application development, database and others had put their products on display at the show.

“The aim of this exhibition is to attract domestic and investments to the IT sector and inform Afghan youths about latest developments in this sector,” she said.

Reza Bahrami, Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan, during the opening ceremony of the expo, said such events were important for exchanging experiences in trade between the two countries and strengthening the private sector in IT.

He said only natural resources could not be called as asset in current situation but education and technology could be also an asset of a country. Afghans and Iranians should get benefit of each others’ experiences for boosting their economy, he added.

Hujatullah Fazli, deputy head of Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC), called the hackathon as important for development of economy of countries and said, “This is the best opportunity for attracting investments and youths to get aware about recent developments in the IT sector.”

He said AICC had always tried to encourage investments in Afghanistan and provide facilities for both national and foreign investors.

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