• USA and Afghanistan

    The tragedy of the U.S. retreat from Afghanistan is that days after 9/11, President George W. Bush had settled on a plan based on principles that could have ensured enduring success.

  • Turkey seeks bigger role in Afghanistan

    Turkey is hammering out a deal with the US to take over security at Kabul’s civilian airport, offering the Nato partners a rare chance for co-operation after a series of disputes.

  • US embassy Kabul

    KABUL – U.S. Embassy officials in Afghanistan are developing plans to reduce the large contingent of contractors at the massive U.S. Embassy complex amid a worsening security situation across the country, according to embassy officials and contractors.

  • Taliban

    At least 24 Af­ghan commandos and five police officers were killed this week after they were sur­rounded by the Taliban in northern Af­ghanistan, according to local and Afghan military officials. It was a profound blow to the elite force at a time when such troops often serve as the only units keep­ing the insurgents from capturing more territory.

  • Fight against the Taliban

    Just a few miles north of the Afghan capital, a sleepy village of apple and grape orchards prang to attention last week. Old rifles were brought out from closets and several hundred men athered excitedly on the main street, hoisting their battered weapons and raising war whoops for the news cameras.

  • U.S. Embassy in Kabul

    The U.S. Embassy in Kabul on Thursday ordered staff to avoid leaving their quarters to cope with a surge of Covid-19 cases that has filled intensivecare units and led to multiple evacuations and the death of at least one staff member.

  • Afghan highway police

    The Taliban are encircling Afghan police and army positions and encroaching on government-held territory, positioning themselves for largescale offensives against major population centers while waiting for the last American troops to depart Afghanistan.

  • Afghaninstan treasures
    Timeworn relics from Afghanistan have been unveiled in Korea for the first time, through joint collaboration between the two countries’ national museums. Displaying artefacts of ancient civilizations between the 20th century B.C. and the seventh
  • safe space in Kabul new cinema for women 2019

    This year in an attempt to revive film culture in Kabul, the documentary maker Diana Saqeb Jamal launched a new venture: I-Khanom, a cinema that aims to provide a safe environment for women and families to watch films. The name means Lady Moon, and comes from a city supposedly founded by Alexander the Great.

  • Afghanistan financial inclusion strategy 2019

    Announcing conclusion of the National Risk Assessment for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, Da Afghanistan (central) Bank and the World Bank on Wednesday launched the Afghanistan National Financial Inclusion Strategy.

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