• Afghaninstan treasures
    Timeworn relics from Afghanistan have been unveiled in Korea for the first time, through joint collaboration between the two countries’ national museums. Displaying artefacts of ancient civilizations between the 20th century B.C. and the seventh
  • safe space in Kabul new cinema for women 2019

    This year in an attempt to revive film culture in Kabul, the documentary maker Diana Saqeb Jamal launched a new venture: I-Khanom, a cinema that aims to provide a safe environment for women and families to watch films. The name means Lady Moon, and comes from a city supposedly founded by Alexander the Great.

  • Afghanistan financial inclusion strategy 2019

    Announcing conclusion of the National Risk Assessment for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, Da Afghanistan (central) Bank and the World Bank on Wednesday launched the Afghanistan National Financial Inclusion Strategy.

  • international hackathon kicks off in Kabul 2019

    A three-day technology exhibition featuring 60 Afghan and Iranian companies kicked off in Kabul on Tuesday to attract investments and make aware the youths about new developments in the technology sector.

  • Air corridor between Afghanistan and Sharjah City of United Arab Emirates

    The Ministry of Economy and Industry on Monday said the air corridor between Afghanistan and Sharjah City of United Arab Emirates (UAE) was formally inaugurated here on Monday.

  • Cricket World Cup 2019 Afghanistan

    As the Cricket World Cup begins, a sense of excitement has gripped Afghanistan. The country is rallying around its beloved national team, with hopes stirred after a recent victory against Pakistan in a warm-up match in Bristol, a city in England – the host of the tournament.

  • war-scarred Kabul palace restored 2019

    Bullet holes mark Darul Aman Palace but while most support the rebuild, others reject glossing over scars of conflict.

  • book clubs in Afghanistan 2019

    Reading groups are springing up across Kabul, broadening youthful horizons in a country where books are often censored. In a dimly lit room in west Kabul, stacked with shelves full of books, a small crowd gathers around the warmth of a gas heater. Books clamped under their arms, they are eager to share the stories they’ve read over the course of the week.

  • Afghanistan women yoga studio

    At the Momtaz Yoga Center, Afghanistan’s only yoga studio in Kabul, Fakhria Momtaz gives her daughter advice on how to lead a class.

  • life in Kabul opinion

    “Afghanistan’s capital is not even half as dangerous as everyone thinks” –  freelance journalist Franz J. Marty.

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